ALFA-DELTA is a leading provider of security guards, armed patrol, loss prevention, video surveillance, remote monitoring, virtual guard tours, and safety consulting.

ALFA-DELTA ensures optimal customer service, and guarantees the highest-quality services for all of its customers. The customer's assets and businesses are always our number one priority.

Our VISION is: To support people, businesses and government prosper by reducing risks through knowledge, innovation and trend setting technology. Our MISSION is: To meet or exceed the needs and requests of our clients, and to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, while providing exceptional customer service.

Our VALUES are:

  • •     Professionalism- we will strive to maintain professionalism in all aspects of our work and in every action we take.

  • •     Customer Service- our customers are our business; everything we do is to satisfy present and future customers. We will always strive to provide exceptional customers service to our past, present and future customers.

  • •     Respect- we treat everyone with respect and we place value on different backgrounds, viewpoints and cultures.

  • •      Quality- we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service and/or products that our present and future customers demand.

  • •     Pride- we will take pride in everything we do and in every action we take.

  • •     Teamwork- we will work together to achieve common goals and share the rewards of our success.

  • •     Innovation- we will challenge ourselves by embracing innovation and creativity in all aspects of our work.


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